PROJECT DETAILS Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey and, above all, Istanbul are today leaders in municipal waste management. The film below shows in an excellent way how to treat and recover all waste.

Istac Inc. is a premier waste management company in Turkey. By the time Istac Inc. was established as a municipal corporation in 1994 in Istanbul, the company had become the first landfill operator and quickly became one of the Turkey's largest recycling, services and disposal companies. By focusing on high-quality public services, integrated waste management practices and environmental research and development, Istac Inc. has maintained a unique reputation for environmental management. For more info. Click here

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We launched the production of HEXAFERM organomineral fertilizers, a Hexagon Solid Waste brand, at our Biosun Pamukova Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) Plant (capacity: 25 thousand tons a year) which was first started up in 2010. In October 2016, Pazaryeri Organomineral Fertilizer Production Plant, one of the largest organomineral fertilizer production complexes in the world, launched its operations in Bilecik.

With an annual production capacity of 175 thousand tons a year, Pazaryeri Organomineral Fertilizer Production Plant applies fully hygienic conditions for production and HEXAFERM produced there is in granule form fit for mechanised agriculture operations.

Each granule is chock full of organic substances and phythonutrients need by the plants. This way, the entire nutritional content may be consumed by plants. Compost, the most important raw material for our Pazaryeri Plant, is produced in Biosun Bilecik Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) Plant in Bilecik which is the largest integrated solid waste management facility in the world.

Having launched its operations in December 2017, Biosun Bilecik ISWM Plant has the capacity to process nearly 120 thousand tons of domestic waste a year and to produce 60 thousand tons of compost yearly. Planned to be started up by the end of 2019, Odemiş Plant is scheduled to produce 200 thousand tons of organomineral fertilizer. This way, it is anticipated that HEXAFERM will be the biggest complex in the world with its production capacity of 400,000 tons a year.

Turkey is today one of the world's leading countries in modern waste management.

We are proud to work with the latest technology developed from the new regulations and Agenda 2030 and help to take out their technology globally.

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