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News Headline: Meeting with a delegation from Kyrgyzstan home of Nils af Winklerfelt

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Right now, intensive talks are being held with representatives of the Kyrgyz government and Energeco for the establishment of our waste concept municipal waste for organic fertilizer in Kyrgyzstan

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We welcome our new project manager Irina Tsagareli to Energeco Group.

She is responsible for our Russian and Balkan projects and lives and works from Istanbul

Russia & Turkey & Georgia

 Irina Tsagareli

Project leader

Turkey Mobil +905346946593

Business News

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Cooperation agreement with IPDC (Industrial Parks In Ethiopia) written for the establishment of waste projects in Ethiopia.

With the vision to make Ethiopia a leading manufactoring hub in Africa by 2025, the government place high focus on industrial parks development and expansion.

It is a great honor for Energeco Group to be involved in this project.

EU project

Energeco Group has now submitted a large EU application for Horizon 2020, Fast Track to Innovation.

The project includes Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Sweden, Turkey, Ethiopia and Mexico. 

Business News

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Meeting with the Ethiopian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

Negotiation with the council of Ethiopia Mr. Wondimu Gezahegn in Istanbul, regarding our further coopertion with Ethiopian region. 

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Meeting with the Mayor of the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Introducing our project to the City Hall of Bishkek. Personal discussion with the Mayor of the city Mr. Aziz Surakmatov. 

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Meeting with the Ministry of the Kyrgyz Republic

Discussion of our further cooperation, the strategy of starting and running the project according to local needs.

The West African Deal is part of The C2 Group. By means of their improved trade facilitation they are improving a number of benefits, including increased incomes, job creation and value addition along supply chains. 

Today we signed an agreement with their representatives, which visited us in Istanbul, to build waste management together in Senegal and West Africa. A big step for Energeco and our business in Senegal.